Friday, September 25, 2009

I Miss My Kitchen!

Well...three weeks of college are done. It's kind of hard to believe! It's been a good time of learning and growth, meeting new friends and settling back into the routine of things. I really enjoy it here...but I do miss cooking at home. I work in the bakery here, and that's fun, but it's definitely not the same. I try, though - I really do. You may have seen my post on Applesauce Bread; well, here's another step-by-step recipe that I highly recommend. It's delicious and very easy - and best of all, there are only three ingredients!
Here we go: grab yourself some PB, some J, and For "Ritz." Or you could go with "C" for crackers. Anyway...
So you take your crackers and slather one liberally with peanut butter and the other with jelly (I think mine is actually "Raspberry Preserves"). Naturally you need to spread onto the flat part of the cracker so the nicer side is on the outside for the next step. Be sure to make them pretty - this is a gourmet delight here!

Now take the crackers and press them together into a sandwich (see below). Note that the nicer side of the cracker is facing upward. This is important. If you're not going to do something right, don't do it at all! =)
Behold! A snack fit for a king...or for a stressed college student in between memorizing Greek charts and practicing piano and dashing off to class - well, you know how crazy life can be. That's why we need PB&J Cracker Sandwiches. They just help. Trust me on this.

Current and former college students, what got you through those tough times? Chocolate is a given for most of us; what little things, creative or conventional, were there for you when you needed them most? Feel free to comment so I know I'm not talking into empty cyberspace - and so I can use some of your ideas! =)
I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Sweetcherry. I'm not sure I've ever actually had one of those. I think I like Ritz with sliced cheese better, though. =)

Everybody here is praying for you.