Friday, July 17, 2009

Squam Lake Science Center

Well, I promised a few pictures of the animals at the Squam Lake Science Center. You see why I have the word "Ramblings" in the title of this site? =)

Here's one of their foxes. When I saw that he was sleeping, I didn't think I'd get a good picture, but this is actually one of my favorites - he looks so cute and fluffy! Not to mention comfortable...
Most of the enclosures had two animals; the second fox was much further away. This little guy was obligingly parked near the viewing window.

I felt bad for this bobcat - he was going a little crazy in his cage. He and his friend were staring intently outside most of the time. This one, though, spent a couple minutes dashing wildly back and forth on the rocky little "cliff" in the enclosure. As I understand it, most of the animals are at this science center because they were injured or are for some other reason unable to live in the wild.
The otters were definitely showoffs, and they kept moving so much of the time that I only got one or two decent pictures of them in the water! This one liked to swim up against the wall, push off against it, and swim on his back. They seemed to be watching the people - and enjoying being exclaimed over. The Science Center site does have a webcam for the otters.
The bears were enjoying a nize midday snooze. I imagine the best time to see the animals active would be early in the morning or in the evening. Still, the smaller bear woke up enough for me to
get a couple decent shots - mostly of him stretching and yawning. This is one of the better pictures. I guessed that he/she was about 200 pounds. The other bear, a little further away, was even bigger - my estimate was 300 pounds. The security in this enclosure was impressive - high fences and electric wire everywhere! They had many of the trees wired, presumably so the bears can't climb up and jump over the fence or onto neighboring buildings.
Many of the trails were lined with milkweed and other wildflowers. I was surprised not to see any
butterflies, but I suppose it's just as well - I
would've spent ages trying to snap the perfect
picture of them.
There were lots of other animals, too - all kinds of small birds, birds of prey, deer, mice, turtles, etc. Their displays are very nice, with lots of information - very kid-friendly. The info tends to be evolutionistic, but that's no surprise.
Here's the link to their site:
Check it out sometime! =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cute Redhead

Hi! What a busy summer this has been so far! Once I finally got to start working, I hit the ground running and have been doing nearly 40 hours a week. My checkbook is breathing a sigh of relief at that! The Lord has provided miraculously with financial aid at Northland, but it'll still be a bit squeaky this fall.

What's especially fun is that three of my four siblings are working with me at Zeb's General Store this summer. It's so nice to look up from the hubbub and share a smile with someone I know well.

Today I got to visit the Squam Lake Science Center with my good friends the VanDynes. We had a great time and saw all kinds of neat exhibits and animals. I'll have to share a few pictures the next time I do a post. Some of my favorites are the curled-up fox and the stretching black bear (they were a bit sleepy). The bald eagles were also very neat. The vultures were not.

Well, today I also met this really cute redhead. In fact, I ran outside barefoot, wearing my (modest) pajamas, and snagged him right off the sidewalk! We sat on the porch and chatted for a while before he had to leave. Here's his picture:

Told you he was cute! =) He was running loose and had to go with the animal control officer. She promised to let me know what happens with him. What I find very interesting about the situation, though, is that of all the lost dogs that had to wander across my yard, it was an Irish Setter. It's my favorite breed, and I used to own one! Is God trying to tell me something??? Unlikely, but I thought that was interesting. =) I'll be quiet now and remember that I can't have dogs till I move out of my parents' house...'s bedtime! I like bedtime. And I'd better end this post before I become excessively loopy. To any and all who actually take the time to read this stuff, Thanks! Have a fantabulous night!