Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Art of the Sentence

Some years ago, Mom bought these magnetic fridge letters.  I'm not sure if she knew at the time how much mileage we would get out of them, but they have certainly been worth the money.  In fact, we recently replenished the supply with a couple tubs of fresh, bright, clean new letters.  It's nice to be able to spell longer things.  :)  

Anyway, my dad is the master of the fridge sentence - most of the following examples are his work.  We've begun keeping a record of them because they're so intriguingly random.  (By the way, when Dad was a kid, he read the dictionary for fun...can you tell?)

T'weren't so!  T'weren't so! averred the Eye of Magrib.  He licked his lips and looked askance at the bars on the window.

Chosen for his ability to communicate with leeches, Ruak kept watch on the swamp.

William cracked his knuckles nervously as he awaited the start of the third annual all-terrain mowing competition.  (Actually, I wrote this one...after I spent 2 hours mowing our entire lawn.)

The Border Barons of Nueh swallowed nervously when Vem came to Madrang.

Bonding with wolverines is a hard, painful process.

Those sneaky Ramilit breached the Ooligechis' dike and flooded their barley fields.

When the Council of Kreead censured Rugor, Vlod's son, he yelled seven times.

The loyal King's Own Hussars looked Death in the eye and laughed.

Beyond the Silver River, over the Weygan Hills, lies the small duchy of Manterhome, where dwell the proud Gupaxhaqua Clan.

Bored with his accounting job, Ewan decided to become a rattlesnake herder.

Sliding down the embankment, Relf struggled to free his wolf repellent from his belt.

So...there you have it - a selection of fridge sentences to edify you this weekend!  :)  Hope you enjoyed, and if you ever stop by, feel free to write your own sentence!  Stay cool this weekend...and keep your wolf repellent handy - you never know when you might need it.