The Enchanted Tree

My Dad is one of my heroes: not only has he been the best Dad ever to us five kids, but he is a wonderful, loving husband; he is a faithful student of the Word of God; he pastors our church with clarity, integrity and love; he is a brilliant author; and he is an artist.  Below are some of the stunning examples of what happens when Dad disappears into his workshop for a few hours: he transforms rough pieces of wood into these masterpieces, showcasing the wood's natural beauty with designs that are simple and aesthetic.  I have the privilege of running this online shop - and you can have the privilege of owning one (or more!) of these spectacular handmade wooden items!  These make great gifts; the Treenware is especially attractive when placed in a grouping of several shapes, sizes and colors. Visit the shop by following this link for more details.  Pricing is very reasonable, with most pieces falling into the $20 and under category.  If you're interested in buying multiple pieces, please contact us for a discount rate.  Above all, enjoy browsing The Enchanted Tree and let us know if you have any questions!

A classic wood topped with a brilliant splash of color!

Beautiful in its simplicity - a Cherry wood Treen.

A pen doesn't get much classier than this dyed Curly Maple work of art!

A charming little work of Treenware, made from African Bubinga wood. 

Sleek and trim - an Ebony masterpiece.

An unusual pen made of Camphor wood.