Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent Randomness in My Life

Life at college is never boring. Well, I shouldn't say that...sometimes that Greek homework can get a little dull...but, anyway - there's almost always something going on! Believe it or not, I'm approaching the close of my fourth week here, and it's amazing how the time has sped by. I feel like the Spring semester usually seems to go by more quickly.
This is going to be an exceedingly random post, highlighting a few things that have been going on lately here in the boonies of Wisconsin.

1. Where did our winter go?
I think all the people along the East Coast must've stolen it. I remember that last year it was so cold here I wasn't sure I'd make it back to my room at times! We've had a couple rather blustery days this year, but it's been mostly up in the 20s and sometimes even the 30s. Here's what it's supposed to be like:

This is my bedroom window during one of our few cold snaps - the inside of the window. Poor little guy...of course, I've heard that you can actually freeze flies and then revive them by warming them up. Kids, don't try this at home unless you're trying to provoke your parents to much wrath and consternation...which generally isn't a good idea, I've learned.

2. Craziness in the Bakery
So one day last week I was telling my roomie, "Yeah, I think it's going to be a nice easy day in the bakery...just a few muffins to bake for supper and then cleanup." Well, when I went in to work, my supervisor was frantically mixing up more muffin batter because the first batch hadn't been enough to fill up the quota of 400 banana muffins. I'd never realized it before, but banana muffins are devious little critters...and the loaves of bread seemed to be in on the plot too. I had things in three ovens in two different rooms with three timers going at once! Those muffins...what a night! I didn't clock out till an hour and a half longer than usual. There were two good results from the hardship, however: 1) A waitress came back and revived my soul by telling me that the students had raved over the muffins. Only a couple dozen of the original 400 remained. 2) I earned a sort of kitchen badge of honor - many of the workers have this little stripe on their arms (some have lots of stripes!) and I got my first one after nearly two years of kitchen work:

My labor was not in vain. The banana muffins did not succeed in crushing my spirit! I will go on to bake another day!!!
3. Adrenaline and Boredom: An Exercise
This evening at approximately 6pm, the fire alarms went off in the girls' dorm...after I'd changed into my comfy pajama pants. But, following the rules, I didn't take time to change and joined the throng of girls running over to the basement of the building next door. And there I remained while they checked the dorm out to find the problem. This was boring because I didn't think to grab any homework. It was entertaining, at least, to see what clothing combinations some of the girls were wearing. Thankfully no one had been caught in the shower - and thankfully, I had postponed the shower I had been planning to take!

4. The Roomies Strike Again!
I walked into my room last night after I got back from church and noticed the iron on my bed. I wondered if my roomies had been ironing something on my bed, which would be really weird. Then I flicked on the light and - well, see for yourself:

Apparently my beloved roomies took advantage of one of my rare trips off campus to set up this little surprise. Nothing is intentionally related - they just grabbed random stuff from around the room. I feel loved. =)

5. A Capitulation to Peer Pressure
Okay, brace yourselves - this is a big one. I finally caved: I got a Facebook account. I've stepped up into this century at long last! And I already have 35 friends. =)

Anyway...that should fulfill your need for randomness for a good long time. Feel free to suggest ways I can reciprocate to my roommates! And look me up on Facebook if you're not already my friend. Have a great weekend!


Hoop said...

NO!! Say it isn't so, not facebooks. I hate that page. I got rid of mine. Any who, I have plenty of my own burn stripes from naughty baked goods. Its the sign of a good cook. Or is it the sign of a clumsy cook, I can't remember. Oh well. I will try to come up with some retaliation for you.

Natalie said...

Helloooo! I found you from PW's site and the infamous Coffee-Toffee bars. I'm sorry to post a question here, but I didn't know if the Tasty Kitchen site e-mailed you or not. I made the bars. Great flavor, hard as rocks. What did I do wrong? Was it supposed to be baking soda instead of powder? PW had the words baking soda in her picture, but then said baking powder. I'm so vexed!

Sweetcherry said...

Natalie, I replied to your comment on Tasty Kitchen, but here it is again if you don't stop by there: Roontoo, it is supposed to be baking powder. Perhaps your oven runs on the hot side? I did notice a comment on the original recipe: “Do not overbake.” If you try these again (which I highly recommend!) maybe start them at 15 minutes and work your way up from there. If they still give you trouble, let me know and I’ll consult the Expert – my Mom. =) I really hope they work for you! Thanks for trying them out!
I hope this helps!

Sweetcherry said...

It's true. But I actually haven't spent much time on Facebook yet. It'll be a nice way to keep up with my college friends, though.
Sorry this comment took so long to show up - for some reason the blog didn't email this one to me. I found it when I was looking at another comment!
I owe you an email...I'll try to do that within the next couple days. Keep up the good posting - I love seeing updates on your family! =)