Friday, January 22, 2010

A Christmas Break Project

Well, Christmas break is brother and I fly back to Wisconsin tomorrow. We have to leave a few minutes before 3 in the morning to catch our flight - blech!!! Say goodbye to sleeping in for a while...
We had a very nice break, though. We really enjoyed being home with our family and church family. I kept busy with work, relaxing, watching old Emergency! (Rescue 51) episodes with my sisters, baking, snowshoeing with friends, and painting. The painting was both big scale and small scale - we worked on redecorating my Mom's computer/craft room as a Christmas present, and I did a watercolor painting for friends. I'll do some before and after shots of the computer room in a later post, but here's my watercolor:

You should be able to see the detail better if you click on it. It was fun getting out the watercolors again, but now my parents want me to do a painting of our house! Maybe over the summer. =)
Well, it's time to try to stuff all my things into the is it that I always go back to school with about 3 times as much stuff as I came home with?! Oh well.
Have a great weekend!!!

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