Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Weather's Here!

So in October we thought winter might be coming here in's a picture of our first snow on October 12. We probably got an inch, and it was gone by the end of the day. A couple days later my brother and I went on a walk, enjoying some nice warm, sunny weather.

This was pretty much the only snow for a long time. Things were getting colder, but it was still brown outside - we were starting to wonder if we would have a white Christmas this year. Then, a few days ago - almost 2 months after the first snow - I looked out my window in the morning to see this:

Normally you can see a few buildings! I believe this was actually classified as a blizzard - my roommate was so excited. =) Here's a closer view of the trees. I think they look almost like a pencil sketch.

Anyway, now it's white outside, and very cold. Be careful what you wish for! =)

The semester's almost over...just final exams are left, so I'll be heading home on Thursday. Hopefully then I'll have time to update my blog a little more often.

Have a great weekend - enjoy the snow!!!

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Hoop said...

I love the photo. And am so glad you are coming home. Movie Night?