Friday, May 8, 2009


Hooray! Finals are done, "pack check" and White Glove are behind me, and I get to go home tomorrow! I don't have anything else to do today except organize a remnant of my belongings and attend Northland's Spring Concert tonight. Free time...what a novel idea!

The remainder of my semester went very well. I was able to pull my grade up significantly in Hebrew. I feel pretty good about the final; we'll see, though. It's so hard to tell sometimes! I did switch my major from English to Biblical Languages, so I'll be taking Greek next year in addition to second-year Hebrew. That should be an adventure!

I've been able to fit in lots of fun things lately too. Last Sunday after the morning service I got to go with some friends on a picnic lunch to Dave's Falls, which is not too far from campus. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful area - it actually reminded me a lot of home! The trees are different, and the rock isn't quite like New Hampshire granite, but the general look was very similar. Here's part of the falls.

I got lots of nice pictures of my friends - including some cute ones of a newly engaged couple - but probably my favorite picture of the day from an artistic standpoint is this one. The color against the tree caught my eye as I was walking past. I turned for a quick snapshot, and when I saw this on the computer I really liked it. I've always wondered what fish think of lures like this - when bugs are this color, doesn't it usually mean they're poisonous? Anyway, it makes for a nice picture. =)
Well, I need to pack my last few things...and then enjoy a quiet afternoon. Maybe I can do a bit of writing so I can actually talk about the theme of my blog!
I'll be home sometime tomorrow (Saturday) evening. I'm very excited to be home, back with my family and church family. I'm looking forward to a great summer - hopefully accomplishing many of the goals I've set for myself! =)

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